In Today’s Episode of Bigg Boss Season 17 You are going to watch, Munawar approaches Mannara in a kind of tense situation, he offers her a chance to talk. Then Mannara opens up and sparks her feeling of always having to chase after him. After hearing this Munawar, Munawar mentions that she’s giving off cold vibes. Mannara further continues and states that she isn’t vibing with anyone in the house, pointing out that everyone knows each other from before. Munawar, gets a bit and frustrated, tells her not to taunt him.

Bigg Boss 17

Later Rinku confronts Mannara about a conversation she had with Khanzaadi regarding Rinku’s energy being low because she was sharing a bed with Khanzaadi. After hearing all this Manara defends herself, stating that Khanzaadi talks behind her back. Manara also states that Khanzaadi often has low energy in the morning, and she has tried to uplift her spirits since they started sharing a bed. On the other hand, Munawar praises Khanzaadi’s intelligence, which leads to tension.

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Khanzaadi requests Munawar not to interfere, and she decides not to talk to him anymore. Munawar, in turn, suggests they let it go, walking away. Later, Khanzaadi expresses her disappointment in Mannara, and it leads to a heated conversation. Later, Rinku is seen advising them to communicate openly.

Khanzaadi, upset, starts talking with Navid about her wish to go out of the house. Khazaadi then runs to the garden. On the other hand Mannara, in another corner, shares her frustration with Rinku, she also shares her desire to leave the house due to the challenging dynamics and situations. Rinku speculates that Khanzaadi may be envious that all the girls talk to him and not with her. Munawar also joins the conversation, saying that Khanzaadi is complaining to everyone. Khanzaadi then, tells others that Mannara is not as innocent as she looks.

Khanzaadi then spoke about her doubts about Mannara with Soniya, Isha, and Rinku. Ankita joins in, expressing her own experience with Mannara. She suggests that Mannara is not likable anymore, and her feelings toward her have now changed.

Munawar and Mannara later talk about how Ankita is influencing Khanzaadi against Mannara. Mannara plans to deal with Ankita’s growing influence in the morning.

On the other hand, Ankita is seen telling Khanzaadi not to be hurt by Mannara’s words and suggests that she’s likable. Hearing all this, Khanzaadi shares her emotional response to the situation. On the other side Rinku, Mannara, and Munawar discuss the changing loyalties of housemates. They all criticize Ankita and call her a manipulator.

Abhishek, Munawar, and Vicky join in a light-hearted argument about Khanzaadi and Mannara’s conflicts. For all the latest news, updates, and information stay tuned with us

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