The best way to save the Planet is not to recycle it – it goes into the polls.

This is according to renowned science teacher Bill Nye, a television presenter “The Science Guy,” who spoke at the Aspen Ideas Festival in Aspen, Colorado, last week. “To be sure, to recycle bottles, don’t throw the plastic away [and] pack your fertilizer … Start there,” said One. “[But] if you want to do one thing about climate change: Vote.”

“Also, if you are a child and cannot vote now, make sure your parents vote,” added One, 66. “Abuse them.”

One spoke a few hours later in the U.S. Supreme Court. Has issued a landmark new decision limiting the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate emissions from the U.S. energy industry. President Biden called the decision, expected to make it even more difficult for the U.S. to reduce its carbon emissions, “a bad decision.”

Nye called the Supreme Court a law-abiding “contentious party” and described the decision as an act of “human negligence.” He noted that the decision places a high burden on the U.S. Congress and state legislatures to enact stricter laws to protect the environment – although, in some cases, enforcing those laws would be difficult.

“All we have to do is pass better laws,” said Nye. “The Supreme Court does what the law says, so we have to make straightforward, very clear, in the best interests of everyone.”

Nye pointed to laws that would attach payments or taxes to carbon emissions as examples of legislation that could remove the needle from climate change. Disrupting the pockets of both individuals and companies could help reduce the behavior that leads to excessive carbon consumption.

“Consider the environment [when voting],” he said. “You can just vote, respectfully, dumb things. Vote for the best laws to control climate change.”

The consequences of inactivity, One warned, could be devastating – from severe storm surges to other catastrophic natural disasters. That is also the title of his upcoming broadcast series, “The End Is One,” which will launch on Peacock next month. It will deal with the alleged collapse of various natural disasters while exploring potential mitigation or preparedness measures.

In Aspen, One said the best solution for most hurricanes is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

“What you can do is reduce greenhouse gas emissions, so that the earth does not heat up as quickly as it does,” he said. “The problem is that the oceans are warming up and all this energy being stored up in the oceans is leading to [rising tide] and to these big storms.”

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