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The music prodigy born on 18 December 2001, is without a doubt the biggest name in the music industry today. The American singer became an internet sensation after the release of her song ‘Ocean Eyes’ on SoundCloud. The same single became her debut song when Darkroom Interscope signed her. The seven-time Grammy winner has a remarkable fandom at such a young age.

Fans love Billie for her evolution in the public eye and how she handles and wants to explore everything she could while she can. The endless talent of Eilish and Her Brother Finneas O’Connell as a musician is beyond imagination.

The duo has made some of the greatest hits in music breaking the stereotypical limiting of the genre. There is nothing more soothing than listening to Billie and Finneas’s song after a long day.

Here are the 20 best songs of Billie Eilish:

Male fantasy
A song that portrays Billie’s onsetting womanhood and her criticizing the porn. And the song is also about how her life is also a fantasy, remembering her past lovers and how she couldn’t get them out of her head.

I Love You
A beautiful song astonishing the confusion, between two people who say I love you at the wrong time complicating things further and she loving the person back when he doesn’t want to.

The collaborative song between Eilish and Khalid is a representation of teenage depression sadness and owning your state of mind. The song is also featured in 13 Reasons Why.

Everything I Wanted
This song is the celebration of Billie and Finneas’s bond, how their togetherness has helped her stay afloat when she had dark thoughts about life.

Bury a Friend
The thrilling representation of teenage angst, freedom, and fear all together. With ecstatic goth- jazz music and thrilling rumbling sounds.

the song dives into the imagination of the singer how she would feel if she murders her friends. And how would she react to the situation?

Ocean Eyes
The track that took off and changed her life forever. The song was originally written by Finneas’s band but he was aware of the talent and euphoria her sister’s voice had.

When The Party’s Over
It’s a dramatic breakup ballad that’s made even more dynamic with the vocals performed by Billie and sorrowful piano by Finneas. It’s one of the best performance highlights from the brother-sister duo and has also been featured in Season 3 of Riverdale.

You Power
The Deep meaning behind the song is what makes it fascinating there are multiple layers and multiple interpretations to a song. That’s sad and inspiring at the same time.

Bad Guy
The song debuted as no.1 on the charts all across the world, a phenomenal outrageous song that embraces the bad in person. The rebellious song of the artist became an instant hit after its release. And the creativity of her brother in this song is outstanding using the road crossing sounds from an Australian street.

Happier Than Ever
The greatest breakup song of the decade, the song has two parts perfectly merging the emotions, how she is happier without a neglectful partner and the other half showing her anger for being treated the way she doesn’t deserve.

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