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Watching as our favorite magical universe once again opened its doors in the form of celebrating Harry Potter 20th Anniversary, the fans are once again engulfed in the feeling of nostalgia, and this journey of returning back to Hogwarts made us feel the insatiable thirst of reliving our beautiful memories of the Boy Who Lived!

Albeit being the most well-known universe, Hogwarts is not the only magical Kingdom known to fans of fantasy literature. We all love the feeling of witnessing new beginnings, and we all get heartbroken when their worlds finally reach an end.

Fear, not fellow pottermores! Today, we will tell you Top 3 movies that provide the right dose of magic and power. These worlds are equally mystical and beautifully presented on our screens for a wholesome magical experience.

The Chronicle of Narnia

Just like the Harry Potter universe, this series is divided into seven books, although they are made into a trilogy as they are made virtually. This series offers a beautiful story of four siblings and is provided with well-filmed magical battles and a mystical kingdom filled with walking animals. The movies are worth bingeing.

The Lord of the Rings

The famous franchise adopted from the legendary J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy novels, fans of Harry Potter is in for a treat as they watch the tale of a magical world of the Middle West. The story of an adorable Hobbit named Frodo Baggins makes the viewers fall in love with the characters and scenery. Fans of Harry Potter often compare Frodo and The Fellowship to Harry and Dumbledore’s Army. Those who love Hogwarts should surely give a shot to this magical Kingdom.

Alice in Wonderland

Just like the Boy Who Lived, the story begins with a girl named Alice as she follows her very own Hagrid, a peculiar white rabbit, to enter into a beautiful, magical land called Underland.

Fans of the Forbidden Forest must really watch these movies as they offer a mysterious forest where you will get to know various peculiar animals who will tell you strange truths and test your patience just like Hagrid’s favorite spider Aragog did.

Although there are various more movies that Harry Potter fans will surely enjoy like Fantastic Beasts, Twilight, Stardust, Vampire Academy, these four seemed to pop out and are a must to watch for a Pottermore.

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