The legend of the bird league tells the story of girls in golf. Two female golfers are at the center of the story. The main characters of Birdie Wing are Eve and Aoi. Eve and Aoi have reached out to adults in two different ways. The two women have very different playing styles, yet they are both immersed in women’s golf.

Birdie Wing: What Is Anime Story Line?

Anime is about the magnetic collision of two sets of objects from different ends of the link life. Born and raised among sports officials, Aoi Watches combines the pinnacle of absolute rights and raw talent in one of the worst pockets. On the other hand, Eve, an orphan who has learned to survive on difficult roads by competing with other players determined to make quick cash in the evil world of illegal golf betting. When two unexpected enemies collide, sparks fly, and golf clubs fly.

The story unfolds in a European country. Eve, a golf champion, does a lot of work by betting on the game. One happy day, you meet Aoi Amawashi, the daughter of a prominent company owner and a professional golfer. Both are intellectuals, yet they exist in very different countries. Both Eve, “Rainbow Bullet,” and Aoi, “Innocent Tyrant,” enjoyed golf without being pushed.

Since Eve’s story is one of the most entertaining and accessible, the anime genuinely focused on her first act. It’s funny, but also, the system plays it perfectly. Since golf is one of the most important sports in the world of the show, spectators are compelled to take care of it. Big enough for Eve to be equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance technology to fill an injured star player.

It is large enough that Eve could support only a handful of good orphans to benefit from her illegal gambling. Eve is presented with a highly sepia background in the background when she represents the camera as an indie rock musician who looks deep and thinks deeply — and all of this is in the anime introduction. On this golf train, there are no stops.

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