The one of the most favourite star cast Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman dies at 43 after a 4-year hard battle with colon cancer, his family member said.

His family said in a statement, “A true fighter, Chadwick persevered through it all, and brought you many of the films you have come to love so much,”

“From Marshall to Da 5 Bloods, August Wilson’s Ma Rainey Black Black and many more, all were filmed during and between countless surgeries and chemotherapy.

It brought King T’Challa to life in Black Panther His career was respected. ”

As well as the family thanks to his fans for the tremendous love and prayers, and says to continue their privateness while this sad situation.

Bosman did not speak publicly about his diagnosis.

He played an iconic role of black Americans like Jackie Robinson at the age of 42 and James Brown, in getting on Up.

Chadwick was born on Carolina and graduated from Howard University and before his star debut in movies at 2013 he plays a small role in Television.

His portrayal of the stoic baseball star called Robinson in opposite Harrison Ford in 42 drew attention in Hollywood.

If we talking about his T’Challa character, it was first introduced to the worldwide hit series called Captain America in 2016: Civil War, and after the release of Black Panther two years ago, his Wakanda Forever was saluted worldwide.

Actor and director Jordan Peele posted on Twitter, “This is a crushing blow,”

A Mark Ruffalo who playing a Boseman (Hulk) in Marvel series shows their condolences to Chandwik dies news said, “It was one of the biggest honour getting to work with alongside you and getting to know you. What a generous and sincere human being.
You believed in the sacred nature of work and gave everything to yourself. Love your family very much. And a lot of our love has gone away from here. ”

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Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden praised Bosman’s influence, saying his portrayal of the Black Panther “inspired generations”.

He stated that “The true power of our hero Chadwick Boseman was a lot of bigger than we all see on screen. He inspired a lot from the Black Panther to Jackie Robinson, they could be anything they seek – even the superheroes”

Mr Biden says that he and wife showing her deep condolences for Jill Bosman’s loved ones. His running mate Kamala Harris also paid a tribute.

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