Like an actual series that is a complete combination of the concept of ‘Rich Asians,’ ‘Compatibility with the Kardashians,’ and ‘Selling Sunset,’ ‘Bling Empire’ really breaks all genres. After all, it surrounds wealthy Asian American actors as they roam through their daily lives, full of bizarre parties, cultural festivals, secret shopping trips, and just drama. So now that season 2 of these equal parts of exciting and vibrant production has arrived on our screens let’s take a closer look at what its rich stars can do these days, right?

Where’s Kevin Kreider Now?

Kevin Kreider is not really out of the money despite being a model and fitness coach, so he acts as the voice of viewers at home within the original Netflix. Yet, since then, he has achieved much; he is not only an inspiring speaker but also the founder of Taejin Entertainment, Sans Beverage, and Be More Matcha. The latest is a business where Kevin trades nootropic with the help of his friend Kane Lim while maintaining his extraordinary life and acting career – currently recording ‘Asian Persuasion.’

Where is Kane Lim now?

In addition to working for Be More Matcha, a business close to both his and Kevin’s (‘Bad Model’), Kane Lim is also a real estate developer, philanthropist, businessman, and community. He signed under the Oppenheim team as a current partner / independent contractor, operating in high-profile areas of Los Angeles. As if that wasn’t enough, the Singaporean artist, who actively donates to non-profit organizations such as Miracles For Kids and Uplift Family Services, is the brand new face of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin.

Where Are Christine and Gabriel Chiu Now?

Still happily married, Christine and Drs. Gabriel Chiu continued to be the proud founder of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery (on Wilshire Boulevard) and spoke of Asian representation. The former has even spent weeks in fashion/couture, down to red carpets and models, and made several other public appearances to represent her background and mom-hood. It should be noted that the couple has never shared any recent updates about their fertility treatment, but one thing they have made clear is that they are always fully committed to Baby G (Gabriel Chiu III).

Where are Ann and Don Morris now?

After living together for over 20 years and having been married for nearly 11 years, Ann and Don Morris are a lovely couple who are as rich as they are. Although the latter (22 years older than him) is a successful uber entrepreneur with more than 28 businesses, the former describes himself as a wife, mother, and philanthropist. They live with 8-year-old Skyler but reportedly have five children between them (from a previous relationship), who treat them with great love. So today, a couple works hard to keep their place and spend time with their children.

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