After staying away from any launch in the last seven months, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin is back to work again. The company is going to launch its New Shepard rocket on the 11th of December. Initially, the launch time scheduled on the 10th of December, but due to bad weather, the firm cancelled the launch at the last minute. The recent test will mark the 12th test flight by the company. This particular space vehicle will roam around the outer atmosphere for the sixth time, and like before, will again come back to the surface. 

The New Shepard is a passenger type rocket. It can carry a maximum of six crews in one go. In the future, the rocket will take those six people to the uppermost atmospheres, and people on board could enjoy a few minutes of weightlessness. The vehicle will take off vertically and will take the passengers to a height of 100 km — the capsule, where the passengers will sit, attached to the top portion of the rocket. When the passenger starts to travel, the capsule will detach from the rocket, and passengers could experience a few minutes of weightlessness. The rocket would come back to the earth by using the company’s flagship reusable technique, while the capsule will come with the help of parachutes. 

Future Schedule of Rocket

No passenger ever takes off in the capsule. The testing includes zero numbers of the passenger within the capsule. The company is testing its vehicle for future missions. Previously, Blue Origin declared that it was going to conduct its first crew mission in 2019 itself, but the company did not fly the rocket since May. Currently, the firm is only testing the vehicles for future uses. 

Bob Smith, the CEO of Blue Origin, revealed that the company slowed down the proposed schedule of the launch of a rocket to ensure the ultimate safety and comfort for the passengers. 

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