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The highly anticipated launch of Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner failed to achieve its target. The capsule failed to reach the International Space Station according to the plan. The uncrewed mission took off from the launchpad this morning. The primary purpose of the mission was to demonstrate the capability of it to take astronauts to the International Space Station in the future missions. But, contrary to the expectation, the capsule encountered some technical problems, just after the launch. As a result, the capsule orbited in a position, which is incompatible with the orbit of the International Space Station. 

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During the press briefing, the authorities from Boeing and NASA revealed that the problem occurred in the time system of the capsule. The responsible team is trying to figure out the exact cause of the problem to prevent any further failure, the NASA chief stated. Originally the mission scheduled for eight days, but due to the technical failure, the mission time reduced significantly. The capsule will not dock with the ISS anymore. As a result, scientists have no other option but to bring it down as soon as possible. Responsible authorities revealed that the team is planning to bring it back as early as Sunday. 

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Now, the biggest challenge for scientists is to bring back the capsule safely, one of the experts related to the space exploration revealed. The capsule will spend around 48 hours in space; therefore, the company will get a much-needed experience of the space environment; he added further.

The recent failure in the demonstration test put the company in a backward position. If the mission went successful, it would carry a crewed mission in mid-2020. But, the recent failure at least confirmed a delay in the scheduled time. Previously, SpaceX conducted a similar mission in March 2019 successfully. 

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