Written and directed by Jesse Harris, ‘Borrego’ is a thriller film that follows Elly, a young botanist who works in the desert on the California-Mexico border. After suffering a plane crash, Elly was caught by a pilot, a drug dealer trying to deliver a package across the border. Elly has to rely on her wisdom to survive the ordeal and escape from a trafficker named Thomas. Naturally, viewers should be curious to know if Elly is getting to a safe place and what is happening to Tomas. If so, here is what you need to know about the fate of ‘Borrego.’

The end of Borrego: Can Elly Escape? What happened to Thomas?
As the story unfolds, Elly realizes that she must plan her escape in the wrong way. In time, he had a relationship with Thomas, and the two arrived near Borrego Springs, a town where they hoped to receive help. However, the duo must first climb the mountain. As the sun nears its zenith, Elly suggests camping on the edge of a hill before going up in the morning. Tomas discusses his bleak future at night and reveals that he was a teacher before his father’s medical expenses forced him into crime. He ended up taking drugs without realizing it and continues to do so to support his family.

On the other hand, Elly revealed that she caused her younger sister’s death while driving her to school; the accident left Elly traumatized. However, Thomas gives Elly some wise words that encourage her to cope with the tragedy. Later that night, after Thomas has fallen asleep, Elly uses a pocket knife hidden in her socks to free herself. He then fled to meet Guillermo. Elly turns around and finds Thomas holding her. However, instead of holding her back, Thomas lets Elly escape.

Tomas then gave Guillermo drugs, but the latter was angry because most of the goods were missing. He then asks Thomas to look for Elly because he does not want to leave the witnesses, and Thomas refuses, and the two men pull out a gun. Guillermo kills Thomas and takes drugs while continuing to search for Elly. In the end, Elly’s traumatic relationship with Tomas confirms her escape. On the contrary, Thomas realizes that there is no escape from criminal life and sacrifices to save Elly.

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