As the Friends Reunion bought a lot of emotion to the audience with some of the heart-touching moments. But the show also bought something else to the six stars of the show. Which was a major payday. All the stars or the cast for the show had to pay a lot for the telecast of the Friends Reunion on  HBO Max. The show got aired on HBO Max on May 27.

The sources said that when the series for the show was running the last episodes of the show. The at that time, the stars were able to negotiate a salary of $1 million each per episode. As everyone knows that was a good deal. And the number is still considered to be high. therefore it was also not less than a surprise that the stars could able to bring a lot more than was expected in the 17 years after the series goes over. Also, in the audience, it was a huge demand for the Reunion that why it could take place.

So, check out that how much all the stars that include Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, Courteney Cox, and Matthew Perry could make over the seasons and the reunion.

According to the reports of the Business Insider. Well, in the first season each cast was paid $22,500 per episode. This was the alow amount and at that time no one even knew about the show that much. The first season had around 24 episodes. So, it comes out to be $540,000 in total—a lot of money. But they could make a double of it in just one epsidoe of the future seasons.

In the second season, the pay for the stars got around between $22,500 and $40,000. But in this season everyone was making different money because of the role they were playing. And because in this season Aniston and Schwimmer had the lead role so they got more paid than others.

In the third season, the earning reached up to $75,000 per episode for each star. As the cast climbed for more money because of the popularity in the country and with that being on the top of the TRP list.

In the next season, the amount got up by another $10,000 which was $85,000 per episode each.

In the fifth season, it got around $100,000 per episode.

In the sixth season again a rise and it got up to $125,000.

For the seventh and the eighth season, the price goes up to $800,000. The amount remained the same for the two seasons.

For the last two seasons, the price just reached the mountains as it got up to $1 million per episode, each.

So, for the part of the Friends Reunion, the stars got paid up for at least $2.5 million each. The sources claim the information. However, everyone knows that $2.5 million is a hell of a lot of money. So, it can be witnessed that how the stars from a starting salary of $22,500 without fame got into INdustry. And now they are worth equal to a big star.

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