Brandi Glanville looks very much involved in the series of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after the takedown of Denise Richards. And after both of them spent time in bed together and the news was leaked outside for the same and after that bravo claimed that she had left her in dust and she also feels used by her.

Brandi Glanville talked to Entertainment Tonight about the same situation.

she said as: ‘I was disappointed, honestly, because I felt like I really gave them their season. They used the few times that I shot, like in the trailer and every commercial. I didn’t make very much money. I really thought maybe they’re going to ask me to come back, because I did so much for that season, and it’s just been crickets. No one’s reached out to me. Not anyone to say ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ I would’ve thought I would’ve gotten a phone call and been like, ‘Listen, we’re going to go another route, but thanks…’ from anyone. I just felt like it was kind of crappy.’

And she also claimed the story about the RHOBH reunion that why she was not utilized at there and the reason was that the thing would boil Denise Richards to not want her to participate besides her and tell her the story about the same.

In add on to the above lines, she said that: ‘Which makes me like, why? You can walk away from the camera the second you see me. There’s no point. Like, in the same room I would be like, ‘I don’t want to be around Brandi.’ But if I come on screen, she could walk away. Do you know? There was no closure for me. There was no closure for the audience or the other women, and I felt like it was selfish of her to not be honest, because that’s what you sign up to do on a reality show. And if you have skeletons or something, they will come out, as we all know.’

And that’s all was the update about Brandi Glanville

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