The character of “Anthony Bridgerton” proposes to that of “Edwina Sharma” in “Bridgerton” season two; it is said to have been one of the Regency romance series with the most seismic departures from Julia Quinn’s books until today.

In the 2000 part-2 novel “The Viscount Who Loved Me,” the eldest Bridgerton briefly pursues Edwina (since she, according to him, is perfect for his family). Still, the courtship doesn’t progress past public promenades and formal social calls before accepting his feelings for her older sister, Kate.

However, in the Shondaland adaptation, released in its second season on Netflix in late March, Anthony (played by Jonathan Bailey) and Edwina (played by Charithra Chandran) made it to the altar before realizing.

The author believes that the proposal seems to have benefited Edwina’s character.
The spur-of-the-moment betrothal is said to have arrived at the end of episode four, and it seems to have caused a ripple effect throughout the season. Anthony reacts very differently to Kate getting stung by a bee so that they aren’t caught in a compromising position. And because no one had discovered them behaving untowardly, since they weren’t forced into any union, Anthony had been free to marry Edwina.

When the author comes across online debates about whether the show is made better or the books are written better, she considers it a win-win.

As Quinn now looks ahead at the upcoming two seasons, which Netflix has already greenlit to be aired, she wants fans to continue having “trouble deciding.”

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