Britney Spears
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Last year was a rollercoaster for the Grammy winner singer Britney Spears. After what seemed like a lifetime, the actress finally found freedom from the toxic conservatorship in November 2021.

Spears had gone through many obstacles to reach the top and had to endure multiple hardships throughout her journey of becoming a renowned singer. Since her public breakdown in 2007 and 2008, the Princess of Pop did her very best to score the highest scores among the leading stars.

Fortunately, the end of 2021 brought freedom for her as she got to experience the feeling of finally stepping out of multiple shackles placed onto her by her very own blood.

Britney decided to enjoy and celebrate her freedom by posting her picture of finally enjoying wine after 13 years. She shared her feelings with her fans as she posted a message saying the word of her wholesome glass of wine.

She wrote, “I felt like I was on cloud nine the whole time, I’m celebrating my freedom and my B-day for the next two months !!!!!!!!!!! I mean, after 13 years … I think I’ve waited long ENOUGH !!!!”

The 39-year-old has since shared multiple pictures of her enjoying her life, and she has been on the top of the gossip chain since the beginning of 2022.

Another one of her posts that shook the internet was her post that she shared on Thursday, January 6. The actress posted two nude selfies of her posing in front of a full mirror.

The actress placed a pink flower and a heart emoji covering her delicates as she posed in nothing except white stockings.

Albeit a shocker, this hasn’t been the first time for the actress to share her bold pics on the internet, and from the looks of it, it won’t be the last either.

Drunk of the feeling of newfound freedom, the toxic singer shared a video of her singing loudly, claiming to be her own cheerleader.

Although the pics were shortly removed from her Instagram handle, they gave her fans enough GLIMPSE of her mood.

We pray for her to always be in a happy mood and enjoy her life to the fullest.

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