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The famous South Korean boy band BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, recently joined the favorite social media platform Instagram. They broke the records by making their separate individual accounts on the said platform.

The boy band won everyone’s heart worldwide with their unique dance moves and music. The band has seven members: RM (Rapper), Jin ( vocals), Suga (rapper), V (vocals), Jungkook (main lyrics), Park Ji-Min (lead vocalist), J-Hope( rapper). All the members made their separate accounts on Instagram for the first time, sharing their first post on December 6, 2021, and Within less than 24 hours, the members were able to gain millions of followers.

The boy band’s member Kim Taehyung also known as “V,” was the only member who broke the record for gaining a million followers on Instagram within 43 minutes, the fastest among all the members. His record-breaking streak doesn’t end here. After that, He broke the record for the quickest time to reach 10 million followers on Instagram.

His worldwide fan following helped him reach 10 million followers in just 4 hours and 52 minutes, breaking the record the fastest time to get 10 million followers on Instagram.

As of today, V has 30.4 million followers on Instagram, making him the most followed member of the band, and the other members, RM with 25.1M, Jungkook 28.6M, Jimin 26.8M, Suga 25M, Jin 25.4M, and J-Hope 25.4M followers on the platform.

This wasn’t the first time when BTS broke any record. They have broken several world records. In 2021, BTS’s song “BUTTER,” which was released on May 21, 2021, also reached No.1 on Billboard Hot 100, broke five world records.

Across Spotify for the most streamed track on Spotify in the first 24 hours with 11,042,335 global streams, and on it was the most-viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours with 108,200,000 views.

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