The famous BTS’ RM has recently talked about the Grammys, his wedding plans, and having children.

On Saturday, RM did a live session and spoke about a host of topics, including their new song, due to not winning at the Grammys, people hating the group, and releasing a mixtape. He also spoke about dyeing his hair, marriage, and having children.

About the Grammys, RM said, “It was fine. We enjoyed the performance. We were anxious about mistakes but there were no mistakes. Everyone gave us applause and stood up so we appreciate it. The performance was everything. We were kinda disappointed when we heard that Doja Cat was going to win but that’s alright.”

RM said about haters, “We’ve always had haters. It could be our fault, but it’s not our fault a lot of times. There were always haters, and all teams have their haters. There’s also a positive thing about having haters here in the US since it means we’re mainstream.”

On a lighter note, when a fan asked when RM wanted to get married, he replied, “Oh… I don’t know.” RM said, “How many kids I’d like to have on having children? I used to want to have kids so bad but now… not so much. When I think about a kid who’slike me, since I was not a very nice kid to my mom, I don’t like that idea.”

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