With Luffy starting his third and final round against Kaido, One Piece is currently in the middle of the Wano Country arc’s climax. The show’s most recent episode also won fans over with the release of its best dragon animation to date. Since it began adapting the Wano Country arc a few years ago, the anime has yet to do anything but flaunt itself, and it has managed to do so through even the most recent episodes of the show. As the fight on the Skull Dome roof of Onigashima continues, things will become even more intense as some powerful emotions will be released.

The decisive conflict between Kaido and Luffy began in the popular show’s most recent episode. That scene from the attack is not the only noteworthy one, though. Viewers were given several updates on the other events around the island as the third round got underway. One of the most thrilling scenes involved Momonosuke Oden and Yamato working together to stop Onigashima from falling to the ground while Luffy battled Kaido. As the action-packed scenes played out, viewers of the show were kept on the edge of their seats. The partnership between Momonosuke and Yamato gave the narrative an exciting turn.

Momonosuke is tasked with stopping Onigashima from falling in episode 1051 of One Piece, but Kozuki is still terrified of flying through the air because of his severe fear of heights. Momonosuke learns the trick to flying in his complete dragon form due to a motivational speech from Luffy and Yamato. In this world, dragons grab the clouds and pull themselves upward, as Yamato explains, rather than flying through the air. Momonosuke has now used yet another one of Kaido’s powerful abilities to find a way to prevent the island from collapsing.

Image Credit – Fuji TV

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