After New York City declared a proclamation to honor the legendary rapper, C.J. Wallace is beaming with pride, recognizing his impact on the music industry. On Thursday, Wallace accepted the honor on behalf of his father as the city celebrated Biggie Smalls, who would have turned 50 this weekend.

“Ever since I was 14, 15, when I really had to realize how important this family legacy was, I made it my life. This is all I can do. I can’t go a day without thinking about who my father is and the impact that he was able to make, and it inspires me to continue to do the same thing in my own way, but continue to obviously keep Brooklyn first, keep New York first.” Wallace said according to CBS News.

While he now lives in LA, C.J. Wallace said his ties are in his hometown forever.

“I know I’m being told to get back out here as soon as possible,” he said while accepting the proclamation. “But yeah, man, this is a lot for me to really process and take in. I wish my sister was here obviously to be here, she couldn’t make it. Just want to thank you guys. Thank you so much, thank you.”

On Instagram, the proud son also expressed his excitement while posing with the proclamation he accepted.

“MAY 21st is BIG DAY,” he wrote.

“He was raised by a single mom. That’s why so many of us could relate to it. Just the love his mother showed. But what he did, that I believe was so much more significant is that he was able to turn pain into purpose. He used his music to define what was happening in everyday life,” Adams said.

“He put Brooklyn on the map and no matter where you travel to, he loved Brooklyn and Brooklyn loves him. And so to his son, C.J. Wallace, his daughter, Tiana, and everyone that’s here, the Junior Mafia that’s present. The whole crew, everyone that’s here. And so we just want to spend the day to lift up an icon in New York City and music,” Adams said. “We know that he’s one of the greatest rappers that has ever lived and his music continues to inspire so many who listen to it and play it. Here, back in the day, you hated to say the 5-0. But we’re happy to say 5-0 today for brother Biggie Smalls and what he represent.”

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