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The Northern and Central California are expecting the first atmospheric river of the ongoing season. As a result, these regions will subject to heavy rainfall beginning from Saturday. As most people are out of their homes and travelling for Thanksgiving day, they might face traffic delays while returning home. The National Weather Service has confirmed the development and rates of the atmospheric river as moderate to strong. 

Lisa Phillips, a meteorologist, revealed that the rain would move south and reach LA in between Tuesday and Wednesday. Once the atmospheric river reached LA, it will weaken significantly. 

In the early hours of Saturday, the Northern California region will face light rainfall, but it will intensify with time. The mountain range around Santa Cruz and Big Sur would receive a whopping 6 to 10 inch of rainfall on Saturday. 

The snow level will continue to rise, owing to the effect of the atmospheric river. It will start with around 3000 to 4000 feet on Saturday and will increase to about 6000 feet on the send half of Saturday and early hour of Sunday. During Sunday and Monday, the snow level will continue its gradual rise in the region. 

Nature of the Atmospheric River

The recent atmospheric river can also be termed as Pineapple Express. Though each Pineapple Expresses are atmospheric rivers, but the same is not the case with an atmospheric river. The atmospheric rivers are nothing but a series of water vapours present in the lower and middle portions of the atmosphere. They travel above the ocean without any interruption, but once they encounter such as the mountains in the coastal region of California, it results in heavy rainfall. 

There are different types of atmospheric rivers; some are weak and results in excellent and healthy rainfall, while some others create heavy rainfalls resulting in flood and water body overflow. 

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