The best-selling, renowned video game franchise Halo has finally given the live-action TV show treatment, and it’s no wonder that fans are anxious to find out if the intriguing venture is available on Netflix.

The Halo video games have been a powerhouse from their inception as a launch game for the original Xbox. Some claim it is the primary reason for the console’s popularity, leading the road for the following platforms that gamers use today. Every game since then, including the newly released Halo Infinite, has exceeded expectations. It was only a matter of time before Master Chief transitioned to the tiny screen.

The series is based on the games and follows Chief, a Spartan-class super-soldier, and his artificial intelligence partner in crime Cortana, voiced by the game’s own Jen Taylor, as they struggle with the alien enemy known as the Covenant. Natascha McElhone, Yerin Ha, Bokeem Woodbine, and Burn Gorman are excellent actors in this thrilling series.

The show has been in the works since 2013, and viewers can finally judge if the wait was worthwhile. So don’t squander your time! Everything subscribers need to know about whether or not they’ll be able to locate Halo in the streamer’s roster is available for download below!

Is Halo on Netflix?

Netflix has a lot to offer customers, and it constantly appears to maintain its catalog stocked with a wide range of fascinating material. But not everything is destined for the streamer, and we regret to inform you that Halo will not be conquering the platform anytime soon. Netflix does not provide the video game adaptation series.

The Halo series is accessible only on Paramount+.

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