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The news of this legal battle surpassed Cardi B’s fans in September 2018 when Latasha Kebe, a media influencer accused the ‘Press’ rapper of abusing drugs, prostitution, and having an STD during an interview on her YouTube channel with former stripper Star Marie Jones.

Latasha Kebe creates videos for her YouTube page, podcast, website, and Twitter account claiming to unbox “exclusive entertainment news and celebrity gossip”. Her website is titled “UnWinewithTashaK” with the tagline of “We sip wine and gossip”.

Kebe had made numerous proclamations regarding the rapper and according to her lawsuit, the YouTuber had uploaded more than 20 videos circulating treacherous information relating to the musician’s personal life.

In one video publicized in April 2018, the time when Cardi was pregnant with her first child, Tasha told her fans that the baby might be born with intellectual disabilities. She had made several videos like this spreading hate for the hip-hop star.

As a result, Cardi sued Tasha K which resulted in Tasha counter-attacking the star with her lawsuit claiming that the rapper has caused harm to her unborn child.

Alas, Tasha’s declarations were not able to stand in court and the judge ended up tossing it out due to lack of confirmation. On that the rapper’s rep remarked on TMZ, “Tasha K’s counterclaims are completely frivolous and have no merit, Tasha K seems to think that this lawsuit and the courts are her social media channel where she thinks that she can say anything she wants, without regard for the truth, harassing Cardi and her friends to try to gain reader to her blog at the expense of Cardi.”

The last update contemplating this legal battle was that Cardi B and her attorneys were dragging the YouTuber on trial. According to the sources, the trial was scheduled to go for at least two weeks.

And yesterday, Cardi B took her to stand in court. The rapper shared her mental health while being on the stand. According to Billboard, the 29-year-old rapper felt helpless and suicidal.

She disclosed her emotions in front of the federal judge claiming that these false accusations had caused her anxiety, migraines and resulted in her developing fatigue. She had also told the judge about her issues in her marriage along with how the false information has made her feel suicidal.

She said, “I felt defeated and depressed, I didn’t want to sleep with my husband.”

The rapper and her team of attorneys professed that the YouTuber was merely trying to seize the attention of the media and that she had always been attentive to these Statements being false from the very beginning.

According to TMZ, Cardi is still on the stand and is scheduled to be cross-examined by Tasha’s attorney.

Hopefully, in the end, she will get the righteousness that she is entitled to.

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