Cardi B just entered the challenge.

On Wednesday, Cardi B took to social media to attempt the “Shake It” challenge to her song.

Dressed in a beanie and sweatpants, Cardi B showed off her version of the choreography from her music video collaboration with Dougie B, Bory300, and Kay Flock, highlighting New York’s ever-evolving drill scene.

She joked in the video caption, “Lmmmaaaaoooooo …This is all I could give you…SHAKE IT.”

One fan quipped back under the post, “Just make sure you’re ready for whenever we get the live performance…(laughing emoji).”

The “Shake It” challenge currently has ​​1.6 billion views on TikTok.

On the “Shake It” tune, Cardi B delivered her supercharged verse, rapping, “I’m with the shits and it give me a rush/ Shorty be lookin’, think she got a crush/I’m not a steppa’, bitch, I’m a stomper/ All of my opps get mixed with the grabba/ Broke bitch said she was gon’ touch me/ She lyin’, hakuna matata.”

To see Cardi B, fans were excited, restoring her activity on social media after the Bronx native temporarily deactivated her Instagram and Twitter accounts during the 2022 Grammys over backlash from fans for not attending the ceremony.

Watch Cardi B’s “Shake It” music video below:

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