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According to the sources of the galaxy reporters, the mobile cases company Casetify is thinking of launching the Casetify New Magsafe Cases for the first time for the iPhone 12 family. The company is known for its tie-ups with the big mobile companies in the case of mobile accessories and highly customized mobile accessories. The new MagSafe cases allow the user to get a variety of styles and to have tons of color options.

The Casetify new MagSafe cases are available in 3 different styles. The first comes to the simple clear case with a visible MagSafe magnet array and a more protective reinforced clear case, and a mirror finish case in three colors. Moreover, the buyer can also customize any of these cases with a bunch of fonts and styles that the user likes.

And moreover, there are 16 color options for the text provided from which the user can choose and besides this, there is also the option of choosing the rainbow colors. Along with the option of customization, the company also claims that the cases are made up of antimicrobial and they also say that they will remain 99.9% germ-free. The company also claims that the new cases are made up of 50% recycled material.

According to the sources the user can now order the cases for all the iPhone models including the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro max version. The price of the mirror case is around $65 and the other clear cases are priced at a range of $70. The price of $70 is for the new model and for the reinforced model the price is around $80. According to the sources, the shipping of the cases will be starting from the 4th of April.

That’s all was the article about the Casetify New Magsafe Cases.

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