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Trump Signs Two Bills against for Hong Kong Protesters Despite China’s Warning

In a recent development, President Donald Trump signs two controversial bills in support of the ongoing pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong. On the other hand, the Chinese foreign ministry criticized the...

Pope Francis says, Possession of Nuclear Weapons is Immoral during a visit to Hiroshima

On the first day of the tour, Pope Francis is said to be visiting Hiroshima and Nagasaki. During his stay in that place, he delivered a clear message which is about...

Secret papers about working of China’s Xinjiang detention camps got revealed

In the reports that are being leaked shows all about the inner workings of the network of these kinds of centers. In this report, about one million Muslim ethnic Uighurs are...

Impeachment Will Not Help Democrats: Andrew Yang

It's been several months since the Democrats are promoting the ongoing impeachment process in public platforms and election campaigns. But recently, one of the Presidential candidates from the Democratic Party, Andrew...

Opposition Demands Resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel might trap into a political instability shortly. Several opposition leaders put pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign from his post after formal charges of corruption against him on...

The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act Passed by Both House Unanimously

The relationship between the United States and China is going to be complicated after the recent move by the United States Congress. A bill supporting the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong...

Prince Andrew Should Come Forward Without Any Condition: Gloria Allred

American women right activist, Gloria Allred, questioned the recent comment made by Prince Andrew. Prince Andrew recently said that he would assist the probes for convicted sex offenders if it is...

Senate Passes Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act Unanimously

In a recent development, the senate of the United States passed legislation to protect human rights in Hong Kong unanimously on Tuesday. The event came after China's effort to crackdown the...

2019 General election: Debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn

Two leaders clashed last night in the first television debate. The viewers of the Debate believed that Jeremy Corbyn is the more trustworthy Prime minister as compared to Boris Johnson. The...

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