Foods heavy in saturated fat can elevate cholesterol, but they aren’t the sole culprits.

Surprisingly, there is a substantial body of information indicating that high-cholesterol diets do not immediately boost cholesterol levels. When it comes to increased cholesterol levels, a variety of lifestyle variables and genetics are at work.

Improving your cholesterol is likely to be the outcome of both what you consume and what you limit. Let’s get into the specific drinking behaviors you should modify to start lowering your cholesterol levels!

1)Stop drinking soda

Sugars with added calories can elevate LDL cholesterol, often known as “bad” cholesterol. One of the ways this occurs is through the liver. Excess sugar tells the liver to produce more bad cholesterol and less good cholesterol.

2)Replace Cocktails with mocktails

Aside from the mental health benefits, consuming less alcohol is beneficial to your heart. Indeed, the health advantages of even moderate alcohol consumption—defined as one standard drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men—are currently being debated.

When in doubt, it’s best to drink more slowly. If you’re feeling fancy, make a mocktail at home and reap the health advantages of drinking less alcohol!

3)Avoid sweet tea

This one may sting if you live in the south. Sweet tea is heavy in calories and added sugars, both of which are known to boost “bad” cholesterol.

Sweet tea is commonly eaten on a regular basis. We drink it as a habit with each meal or as a pick-me-up. These little things pile up, and the empty calories from sugar-sweetened beverages don’t help either.

Sugar-sweetened beverages are known to have a detrimental influence on our weight over time, leading to an increase in the prevalence of obesity. Obesity and weight growth are both linked to higher cholesterol levels.

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