Beef is based on a real-life incident where a fellow road patron yelled at creator Lee Sung Jin. The story is about the danger of holding a grudge and suppressing anger. The show focuses more on the main character’s feelings for one another. Given its acclaim and star-studded cast, Beef will undoubtedly be a hit for Netflix when it debuts on April 7. Beef also stars Maria Bello, Justin H. Min, Ashley Park, and more, in addition to the series’ leads Steven Yeun and Ali Wong! Assuming you’re keen on finding out about Mia Serafino, the entertainer who plays Mia on the show. At Forster’s, Mia is one of Amy’s coworkers.

How old is Mia Serafino in Beef?

According to reports, Mia Serafino was born in Detroit, Michigan, on April 19, 1989. She will be 33 years old, almost 34 years old in April 2023.

What is Mia Serafino’s height?

Mia Serafino is the same height as Ashley Park and Maria Bello, two of her Beef co-stars, according to her IMDb Pro profile. She is five inches taller than her co-star, Ali Wong, who plays Amy Lau, the lead character and her on-screen colleague.

 Instagram Account of Mia Serafino!

You can follow Mia Serafino on Instagram at @miaserafino if you were impressed by her performance in Beef or want to know more about the actress. She has 61,000 followers at the moment. After more individuals see her in the acclaimed Netflix series, we are confident that number will rise.

  1. Which Films Have Mia Serafino Appeared In?

Mia Serafino’s most notable role to date, in addition to Beef, is Pearl in the most recent iCarly reboot from Paramount+. She also appeared as Stella Moore in the short-lived NBC sitcom Crowded and in the slasher film Smiley Face Killers alongside Crispin Glover and Ronen Rubenstein.

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