Netflix is going to release ‘The Chosen One’ soon. The streamer has unveiled a new look at its live-action series adaptation of Mark Millar and Peter Gross’s American Jesus trilogy from Image Comics. The series is called El Elegido in Spanish. 

Sadly, there is currently no set release date for The Chosen One. However, the good news is that production ceased toward the end of the previous year. The official poster for the show has just been made available on the official Netflix Twitter account, which features text announcing the show’s imminent release. However, we are still trying to determine precisely when.

What is the plot of The Chosen One?

After surviving a freak accident, the young boy in the story comprehends he has been reincarnated as Jesus Christ. The young boy’s mother hides him in a small rural community because he has to deal with a new destiny and people who want to get him.

What volume of the American Jesus comics is The Chosen One adapting?

It is thought that the first season will be an adaptation of Chosen, the first volume of the American Jesus comics. Mark Millar wrote the comic, and Peter Gross created the artwork.

Who are casting in The Chosen One?

So far, only two actors have been confirmed for the role: Tenoch Huerta from Black Panther and Dianna Argon from Glee. However, the names and descriptions of their characters have yet to be made public.

When is it anticipated that The Chosen One will debut on Netflix in 2023?

The official release date has yet to be revealed by Netflix. However, given that production on the show ended at the end of 2022, we anticipate its release on Netflix in the second half of 2023. Most likely, it will come out in the summer or the fall at the latest. The official Netflix Twitter account released the poster on March 28.

Image Credit – Netflix

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