The first trailer for Netflix’s upcoming unscripted survival series Outlast has been made available. “16 lone wolves face one other and the environment for a chance to win $1,000,000,” according to the competition’s new format. The only way out is to give up, as the series’ tagline succinctly states: “The adversary isn’t mother nature; it’s human nature.” The catch is that nobody can work alone, and there is no option to vote someone out. Both Outlast and Alone are concerned with surviving in the outdoors. The key distinction between the two is that Alone requires its participants to live alone rather than as a team.

The contestants are shown in the trailer enduring a freezing fall in Alaska and testing their survival abilities. Simple rules apply: “You must survive as a team or go home empty-handed.” The trailer shows various scenes from the upcoming series, including people verbally sparring with one another and forming bonds and friendships as we observe them shooting flares, which appears to be a sign of backing out. It will be interesting to see how intrepid travellers handle human nature and nature’s harshest elements. The players will be left in the Alaskan wilderness during the fall, just as the menace of rain, freezing temperatures, and bears evolves more real as winter draws nearer. As they arrive, the participants will be divided into four distinct groups, and each team has to position camp in a different location.

The contestants include Andrea Hilderbrand, Amber Asay, Angie Esparza, Corey Johnson, Brian Kahrs, Dawn Nelson, Jordan Williams, Javier Colon, Jill Ashock, Joel Hungate, Justin Court, Nick Radner, Lee Ettinger, along with Paul Preece, Timothy and Seth Lueker. The series is produced by Grant Kahler, Jason Bateman, Mike Odair, Michael Costigan, and Emma Ho.

Check out the trailer to have a better idea about Outlast!

Image Credit – Netflix

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