Until Stranger Things season 5 appears on our screens, a while will pass. The enormously popular Netflix series will return for one final instalment at some time, but we are still determining when that’ll be. Yet at least one of the top Netflix series will return for one final season. If the finale offers the characters the best send-off imaginable, Stranger Things 5 should be the best episode of the beloved TV series. Why not catch up on what we already know about the Netflix megahit’s last season while we wait for additional information on when filming will start? 

The foremost episode of season 5 of Stranger Things will premiere next, according to the tweet “Final Season: Vol 1. 2024.” Within the tweet is an image of the group looking out at the horrific Upside Down, seemingly taking over most of Hawkins. There are a few surprising things to note in this image. The first and most obvious is Mike and Will holding hands. The show’s cameras have yet to begin to roll. Noah Schnapp, who plays Will Byers, reportedly suggested that filming will start soon, as was already mentioned. The 18-year-old gave fans the news while participating in an Instagram Live the other day, saying that the shoot wouldn’t interfere with his studies because they want to start production in May when the semester ends. 

The producers want season 5 to be shorter, even though it will probably be bigger than its predecessor since they are tightening up the episodes now. Each episode lasted over an hour in season 4, while the season finale lasted two hours and 20 minutes. About Eleven, her pals at Hawkins and the Upside Down, Stranger Things season 5 will be the last chapter in this story.

The exact Stranger Things season 5 story is unclear for now, but the Duffer Brothers have delivered some hints as to what to anticipate and teased that they have the whole series’ conclusion firmly mapped out. 

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