The Walking Dead has long been a popular series. The Walking Dead uses its story to show the human condition in difficult circumstances by following a group of zombie apocalypse survivors who are just trying to stay alive in the face of threats from both the undead who are referred to as walkers and what is left of an unhinged remaining society. It’s not just there to scare people but also to move them emotionally. After its first few seasons, The Walking Dead gradually gained popularity from the graphic novel series of the same name and became the most-watched cable or broadcast show. It was named for some honors, including a Brilliant Globe Grant.

Fans of The Walking Dead appear to be in for a brief time jump when Dead City is shown. On June 18 at 10 p.m. on AMC and AMC+, the Maggie and Negan team-up Walking Dead spinoff will air. It becomes abundantly clear in the official teaser trailer, that Maggie’s son, Hershel Rhee, has been kidnapped and that she will require the assistance of Negan to reclaim him. However, Negan’s face can be seen on Wanted posters, suggesting he may be in trouble.

Neither character has received favor from the Walker Apocalypse. This is a disgrace considering The Strolling Dead series finale has Maggie and Hershel Jr. living cheerfully at the recently reestablished Ridge. Negan accompanies his significant other, Annie and their prospective conceived kid.

Be that as it may, a marginally more seasoned Hershel Jr., who Logan Kim will currently play, appears among the new cast of characters. Maggie’s character, Lauren Cohan, spoke about the situation with Maggie’s son over the weekend at WonderCon.

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