“A Chinese astronomy satellite has discovered the strongest magnetic field yet found in the universe,” according to a team of researchers.

They said that the field – with a strength of 1.6 billion tesla – “was detected on the surface of a neutron star more than 22,000 light years from Earth, called Swift J0243.6+6124.”

It was observed by the Chinese space telescope Insight-HXMT, which is established on a satellite.

Tesla is the unit of field intensity for magnetic fields. The average field on the surface of the Earth is approximately 0.00005 tesla – implying that the magnetic field on the neutron star is roughly 32 trillion times as strong as that of the Earth.

The discovery overshadows an earlier record of 1 billion teslas on another neutron star that was detected by the same astronomy satellite, and it implies that pulsars have complex magnetic field structures.

China’s Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope, or Insight-HXMT, was founded in 2017. It is the most powerful high-energy X-ray telescope in orbit.

“The broad energy coverage and large collection area of Insight-HXMT in the hard X-ray band allowed us to detect the CRSF [cyclotron resonance scattering feature] with the highest energy known to date,” the team behind the recent discovery wrote in The Astrophysical Journal, a peer-reviewed publication, on June 28th.

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