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While attending a NATO meeting in London on Tuesday, President Trump revealed that the United States is planning to finalize a solid trade deal with China by the end of 2020. I think next year is the perfect time for a trade deal, but China wants a deal as early as possible, President Trump added. 

The partial deal between the United States and China is under the scanner, as the United States approves additional sanctions over China for violation of human rights in Hong Kong. In response to the sanctions, the Chinese officials reacted strongly and warn for similar counter-measure. 

More about the Matter

In another development, the House of Representatives of the United States approved a bill for taking strong measures against the human rights violation of the Chinese Muslims. Many reports are coming out, claiming China’s massive crackdown on Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang province. 

The Democrats majority, House of Representatives, passed the bill with massive support. Only one representative voted against the proposed development. Now it’s up to President Trump to condemn against the human rights abuse and subsequently take action for the closure of the mass detention camps located in the western region of the province. 

The development might affect the ongoing trade negotiation between the two largest economies around the world. If President Trump signs the bill, the United States will put sanctions against some high-level communist party leaders, such as Chen Quanguo- the secretary of the party. Therefore, the recently proposed bill might stand as a significant obstacle in the ongoing development between these two countries. 

On the other hand, China strongly criticized the bill, and ask the United States to prevent it from becoming law. They termed the bill as a malicious attack on the internal affairs of China. China further warned that it would take necessary steps to protect its interests. 

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