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The star of “Sex and the City,” Chris Noth, has been accused of sexual assault by a third woman.

The 30-year-old tech executive, who goes by the alias “Ava,” told The Daily Beast that Noth allegedly groped her in the back office of a Midtown restaurant in 2010.

Ava stated that she decided to come forward publicly after The Hollywood Reporter published two other women’s allegations, one in 2004 and the other in 2015, who also accused Noth of sexual assault. He refuted the accusations.

At the time of the alleged attack, Ava was 18 years old and working as a hostess and show-tune singer at Da Marino, an Italian restaurant on 49th Street near Times Square, to support her acting career, according to the Daily Beast.

According to the outlet, Noth, then 55, would occasionally visit the restaurant, usually drunk, and the two would sing duets together.
Ava stated that she once sat at his table with him and discussed her career and hometown of Toronto.

Ava claims her manager told her around 1 a.m. after the restaurant closed that he would pay her in the back office. Noth turned off the lights in the office behind her as she grabbed her coat and money, she said.

Noth allegedly started kissing her and pushed her against a desk in the office. And tried to penetrate his fingers. On the other hand, Noth allegedly just asked if she was nearing the end of her period and continued to grope her. Ava stated that she sat in a chair and used her arms and legs to push him back.

Ava stated that she could flee after convincing the actor that they could meet elsewhere. She said that Noth messaged her asking for her address to pick her up, but she went home without responding.

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