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Recently, a NASA astronaut broke the record of the longest ever spaceflight by a lady. Christina Koch, an astronaut from the American Space Agency, stayed on the space for a massive 288 days continuously. Koch will land on the earth by the end of February. When she returns to the earth, she will complete more than 300 days in space. Previously, the record belonged to Peggy Whitson, a former station commander at the International Space Station. 

While staying in the International Space Station, Christina Koch completed as many as four spacewalks, including the famous one on the 12th of October, when she participated in an all-female spacewalk. This was the first instance of an all-female spacewalk when she completed the spacewalk with her best friend, Jessica Meir. Previously, 15 women completed a successful spacewalk, but every time, their male colleagues accompanied them.

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The Famous All-Women Spacewalks

In one of the spacewalks, the women astronauts completed a seven hours long spacewalk, when they successfully fixed the power controller in the International Space Station. Christina Koch expects that her work will inspire more people to do the same. She was also a part of the team, who installed the solar array batteries for generating power from the sun rays.  

Currently, Whitson holds the record for staying the most number of days in the space from the United States. Whitson spent a whopping 665 days in space, but he did it on five different flights. Christina Koch revealed that the number of days does not matter for her, as she wants to give her best every day that she stayed in the International Space Station. 

More about Christina Koch

Christina Koch is an electrical engineer, as she holds a master’s degree in the subject. She was part of many research tours in Greenland and Antarctica. She is also responsible for the designing of certain equipment from NASA. 


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