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The new season of the period series is about to be released soon, its huge fanbase was in hunt of answers from the show’s cast members, how the final season of the Peaky Blinder series is going to be and what can they expect to see.

There is no official release date made public yet however, a newcomer in the show shared in a conversation with Radio times that fans can expect the finale season of the series to be released in “early 2020” around sometime in February. He said “That comes out, from what I hear- I mean =, these things change so quickly – I think that will come out next February, the beginning of the next year. There was so much footage, so many episodes, that it does take a while to edit- six months or something.”

Given everything fans saw in the trailer, Thomas Shelby is set to fight an uphill battle against his enemies. He still doesn’t know who betrayed him in the previous season (season 5) and the trailer shows some anticipating business to be done with his enemies.

Cillian Murphy the actor who played Thomas Shelby talked about the new music with Rolling Stones. He explained how initially he did not like the idea to bring modern music to a period time show but now he admits he loves it. “I thought it was a terrible idea, I’d seen it on other shows, and it didn’t work.. it felt earnest and forced and self-conscious.”

At the end of the interview, he was asked about the new season and what he would like to tell the fans. Replied to the question Murphy didn’t say much about the show just giving a very intriguing answer.

“I think it’s going to be very intense, the word we keep using is ‘gothic’ yeah, it’s going to be heavy!”

The director of the show also used the same words as Cillian Murphy to describe the sixth and final season as he posted on Instagram.

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