CIMON-2 is the second generation of the CIMON that commonly known as Crew Interactive Mobile Companion which headed towards the International Space Station. The CIMON-2 robot was first created at the German Aerospace Center by Airbus. The robot built with the technique of IBM artificial intelligence, which relies on Watson technology. Primarily this robot is designed for humans. It is capable of having interaction with humans and also able to help the astronauts in the space station. In the space station, the robot is widely used to join with the astronauts for completion of tasks. Due to its ability to navigation automatically.  

Reports on the first generation robot CIMON-2

According to the records of last year, the CIMON robot can fly freely around the space station and play music. This was marked during the recording of the 90-minute demonstration by astronaut Alexander Gerst at the European Space Agency.

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During the performance of the CIMON robot, it was noticed that its feature of “smart face” was the first spot and recognized astronaut Alexander Gerst. Then the robot makes eye contact and started an interaction with him. Therefore it was confirmed that the robot could interact with the human. It has seen that the features of this robot also involved in the actions of providing instructions according to the requirement and able to take video and images of astronaut Alexander Gerst.

New generation robot

The continuous effort, research, and development were resulting in built-up new generation CIMON. The switches that ensure to take the data from all fitted cameras and microphones to interrupt from the space station. Mainly, the robot is controlled by the astronauts. It returned to Earth in August, and the outing was successful, reported by the German Aerospace Centre Space Administration. CIMON-2 is under work.

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