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Previously, researchers predicted that ongoing climate change is an existential threat to the earth. But, no one predicted that it would come so early. The effects of climate change are rising in geometric progression. 

Recently, the World Meteorological Organization unveiled its global climate report on Tuesday. The organization released this report on an annual basis. While revealing the key details about the report, the Secretary-General of the organization, Petteri Taalas, said that the situations are becoming worse. He warned that the effect of climate change is going to be extreme during the next decade. 

The Effects of Global Warming 

While talking about the solution, Petteri Taalas stressed the CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. He described that the solution to climate change lies in the reduction of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are the primary source of energy in various power plants, vehicles, and many industries, which contributes to the most CO2 emission. The application of reusable energy sources is a practical solution to reduce CO2 emission. 

Coastal cities are already feeling the heat of the ongoing climate change. As more ice cubes are melting, the volume of water in the oceans is increasing. As a result, threats of tidal flooding are looming over coastal cities. Glaciers are melting at a very high speed that scientists did not expect initially. Recently, scientists claimed that the Arctic sea would face an ice-free September as early as 2046. 

Climate change is not only affecting the sea and glaciers, but it also results in the rapid warming of the ground surface as well. Grounds that were in the frozen stage started to melt. As a result, the stored carbon released to the environment resulting in even more warming on the surface. 

The number of natural calamities increased significantly over time. Southeast Asia and East Asian countries such as India, Bangladesh, and all the ASIAN countries will suffer the most. 

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