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The recently released video game, Pokémon Sword and Shield, has come up with a new character that is Cursola. Cursola is a ghost version of the vibrant Corsola that come up after the sudden climate change that wiped out the oldest and the most ancient kind of Corsola. The new Pokémon has come with coral bleaching, and thus a product of runaway climate changes.  

More about the new Pokémon

The new is known as the Coral Pokémon, and it is a Ghost-type Pokémon that is introduced in the 8 Generation. The new Pokémon is designed in such a way that in case if you touch it, you will become stiff like a stone. Cursola is evolving from the end of Galatians Corsola, and the weight and height of the Pokémon are 0.4 kg and 1.0 m. The new Pokémon Cursola has many abilities like it could weaken Armor Perish Body; this is the hidden ability of the Pokémon.  

The reason for the survival of the coral and algae for millennia is the temperatures of the ocean. And after that, coral and algae coexist in the lively symbiotic bond was due to the under stable ocean conditions. The coral died as a result of the ejection of algae due to the high temperature, and the reason for the high temperature was the climactic crises. The global coral bleaching event that took place from 2014 to 2017 has almost made the changes in the ocean temperature. 

The more intense storms could also wipe up the coral existence in addition to the heat waves. Poops have nowadays started creating problems for the life of the coral. The corals are likely to vanish with the increase in the temperature of the planet to 1.5 degrees from the world, as reported by the scientist. 


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