In a scary development, scientists claim that the planet might reach the extreme point, well over crossing the deadline and approaching towards the existential threat to civilization. Global warming and climate change are becoming unstoppable these days. As a result, the sea level increased significantly in the last couple of decades. As the planet is heating more, the ice sheets are evaporating. Ice has white color on its surface; therefore, it radiates most of the sunlight. But once an ice block melts, the dark water below it exposed to the sunlight. Ocean water absorbs most of the sunlight, Owing to its darker color. As a result, the temperature around the water body increases, and more ice melts. And, the process continues with geometric progression. 

The Claims of the Researchers

Previously, scientists assumed that an increase of five-degree is necessary to cross the tipping point. Still, the recent evidence suggests that the tipping point can be achieved with a rise in temperature by one degree to two degrees. Planet earth has already crossed the one-degree mark, and with the rapid growth in CO2 emission, the temperature will rise further. 

Scientists acknowledge the recent failure to make this planet sustainable again. Therefore, they warned an international emergency action to fight against the ongoing climate change. The scientists claim that if human beings start living with their responsibility, there is still time and hope for survival. They criticized the lack of international action against climate change. One of the scientists asks the international community to take action against climate change. The international community is only talking and planning, but not taking any concrete step, he further added. 

Recently, a report suggested that the Arctic ocean will see an ice-free September as early as 2046. West Antarctic ice sheet is going through an irreversible melting, owing to the gradual increase in temperature. Instances like these are alarming, and the earth is under emergency, a scientist added. 

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