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As we all know that the new video and audio chat app ClubHouse is now becoming popular nowadays and the users are experiencing their best this moment while using the app and the users have to wait to join the club until the users get an invite from the user already using it and form that the user will get out form the waitlist and for the Android users there is no limit that for how much time they have to wait for the launch of the app in the Android version and even if they get the invite then also they can’t do anything.

The app is only accessible on the iOS version and the app allows any member of users to become the host and to start a discussion on any topic they want and allows the host to invite any number of users to the chat and there is no limit that how many users have joined the chat.

Moreover, the celebrities like Oprah, Elon Musk, and Tiffany Haddish have already come live on the clubhouse chat and have allowed the users to ask the questions directly to them by making a clubhouse prized invite commodity. Along with this, the other apps like Discord, LinkedIn, Spotify, and Twitter are also rushing in forward to found out that how the software of the clubhouse could run o their apps too.

And at this time the alternatives for the Android users for the clubhouse are already available and with this, the user could wait for the launch of those only. But if the user wants to use the clubhouse for the android device and could wait for the launch of it on the Android device then we could tell you that how for what we know about the app when it will be launched on the Android device.

Now let’s know that when actually the Clubhouse is coming to the Android. According to the reports and sources of the galaxy reporters the company posted in a blog post that the working for the app on an Android version is going to be started after some time which means that the company has not started it till now.

The sources don’t know the date when officially the company will start working for the app to run on the Android version but a few days back the CNBC reported that the company has employed worker Mopewa Ogundipe-who is an Android developer and she a few days back also tweeted that the company is going to bring the party to the Android or something like that.

However, our sources don’t have the complete timetable for the Android version development and according to the reports of the tech crunch it is claimed that the Clubhouse co-founder Paul Davison said in an official meeting last month that “the team was working ‘really hard’ on the Android app, but that it would take a couple of months for it to arrive.”

The above lines by the co-founder will give ETA the time for the launch of the app for the Android versions and the launch now will be there for the months of the mid-summer 2021.

Moreover, our sources can’t even confirm the fact of the Android development as the company till now doesn’t have a firm idea. And in fact, the users should also notice that there are many fake apps like the clubhouse interface on the play store and our sources suggest that Android users don’t go on such apps as they found nothing on that and just a trap will be there.

Following is the list of the clubhouse alternatives:-

Twitter Spaces
2. Discord
3. Facebook
4. LinkedIn
5. Spotify

That’s all was the article about the ClubHouse.

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