Peaky Blinders is a highly appreciated and popular British gangster drama television series in Birmingham, England, and shows the exploits of the Peaky Blinders crime gang in the direct aftermath of the First World War.

The show ended on 3 April 2022 when it aired the final episode of its sixth installment. The plot centers on a gangster family of Irish-Romani origin, and it focuses on the Shelby family’s ambitious, cunning leader, Tommy Shelby. Since its arrival on 12 September 2013, the show gained worldwide recognition because of its beautiful aesthetics and brilliant performances. The show has been especially lauded for its contemporary cinematography and charismatic characters and for shining an eye over a portion of England and English history rarely examined on television.

Despite the praise, it was also subject to multiple criticisms by the historical society. Season 6 of the show received many complaints from the audience. The show’s star cast included many notable actors, and fans felt their presence was lost in the whole Tommy debacle. Many missed Finn Shelby, who unfortunately took a backseat in the show and wanted to see more of Arthur Shelby.

The latest addition to the star cast, Conrad Khan, who played the role of Tommy Shelby’s son Duke Shelby, took it upon himself to personally address these demands. While in a conversation with Digital Spy, he disclosed that he personally never minded the show’s plotline as he prefers going into someone’s internal, emotional state. But he also signifies the need for action as the show is built on action and excitement.

The director, Anthony Byrne, also talked about fans’ wants and desires and said that it isn’t exactly possible to consistently deliver what you expect. According to him, season 6 was always meant to focus on Tommy Shelby’s soul’s darkness and see how far down he has to go before he can’t get out. Tommy Shelby had been the leader of the show since the beginning. And his fans did enjoy the ride to his mind where his most profound and darkest secrets were dished out like dirty laundry. For further updates, stay tuned.

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