Christopher Smith, the filmmaker of Black Death, Triangle and The Banishing, makes a comeback to the horror genre with ‘Consecration,’ released in theatres on February 10, 2023, via Shudder and IFC Midnight.

Jena Malone portrays Grace, a young lady in the film looking for information about her brother’s strange death as a priest at the Mount Saviour Convent in Scotland. There, she learns about blasphemy, murder, other terrible crimes and a shocking fact about her past.

Some movies struggle to get going and take a long to hook you. Not so with the brand-new horror film Consecration, which nearly begins with a bang. The film begins with a young lady walking along a street in London on what appears to be a typical day. An elderly nun appears out of nowhere and walks over to her. The elderly woman, dressed in a white nun’s habit, calmly smiles as she pulls out a revolver and aims it at the young lady, who appears as surprised as the viewer at this unexpected turn of events.

Will the horror movie Consecration be on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Netflix won’t be streaming Consecration, which stars Jena Malone. IFC Midnight, a division of AMC, is handling the movie’s distribution. The movie will be distributed by IFC Midnight through Shudder. While it could appear on Netflix in the future, depending on any new agreements, you shouldn’t expect it right now.

You may check whether Consecration is now showing in theatres close to you because it only has a limited theatrical release. If not, you’ll have to wait until March 3, 2023 before it becomes available on Shudder.

Image Credit – Netflix

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