Today, we will discuss a different way to solve California’s water crisis. This sudden surge is inspired by Janet Wilson’s article on federal officials floating drastic measures to stanch California’s water crisis.

We can work on a Tennessee Water Authority-like project to draw away the Mississippi River and construct a canal with reservoirs along the way to funnel it into the Colorado River instead of finding multiple ways of conservation. This solution not only solves the massive issue but can also be influenced by the type of operations built in the Middle East and China!

As per facts, California’s 41st Congressional District encompasses voters from Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Indian Wells, Palm Desert, and La Quinta. Republican Ken Calvert is fleeing to illustrate those voters in Congress.

Former President Donald Trump was informed by his lawyers, the attorney general, and Vice President Mike Pence that he failed the election. The news was also confirmed After the loss of 63 claims, as told by Congressman Ken Calvert.

The situation turned violent when On Jan. 6, 2021, President Trump instructed people to go to the Capital and “fight like hell.” Instead of helping the situation, he watched the raid on the Capital for over six hours without summoning American forces to ensure the lives of Pence and members of Congress.

To fuel the fire, At 2:24 p.m. Donald Trump tweeted, “Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country.”

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