I believe nearly every Stranger Things fan fell in love with Eddie Munson throughout Stranger Things season 4, and a large part of it is due to how adorable Joseph Quinn is as a performer. He infused Eddie with so much charisma and emotion that it was difficult not to fall in love with him. So, of course, everyone is wondering if he will be back for Stranger Things season 5.

Spoilers for Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2 follow.

Those who have finished viewing the whole fourth season, including the final episodes, realize that this may not be feasible. Eddie perished terribly after the show, despite receiving a heroic death and an absolutely great guitar-playing scene.

Could Joseph Quinn reprise his role as Eddie in Stranger Things 5?

In supernatural shows, never say never. There are already fan speculations circulating that time travel will play a role in the next season since the Duffers have stated that the Upside Down being frozen on the day Would leave great significance.

Could Dustin go back in time and save Eddie? Whether or not that happens, Quinn is eager to reprise his role as Eddie. He’d love to have a cameo or anything in the last episodes of the show.

Quinn previously told Radio Times that he’d discussed Eddie’s comeback with his co-star Joe Keery (Steve Harrington). They suspected he was a figment of Dustin’s mind.

There’s also the vampire hypothesis…

Quinn did, however, admit that he believes Eddie’s plot is nearing completion, saying that his “suspicion is that Eddie has done what he needed to do for the [Duffer] brothers.”

Let’s hope it’s not the case.

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