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The impeachment of the US President Donald Trump is now becoming headlines everywhere. Every day, it receives a new development. Recently, the White House Counsel sent a letter to the Democrats. In this letter, the counsel significantly condemned the entire process and termed this as baseless. Besides, it also urges to complete the process as soon as possible or end it now. The counsel cleared that it would not participate in the impeachment. 

Statements From the Counsel

Pat A. Cipollone, the counsel, mentioned in the letter that the White House Democrats wasted a lot of time with its baseless case. He further wrote that they should put an end to this impeachment inquiry soon without spending more time on additional hearings. Cipollone wrote all these in a letter to Jerrold Nadler, the Chairman of House Judiciary Committee. 

However, the letter doesn’t reveal anything about what is the legal team of President Trump is planning to do. But it clarifies that the President wants the White House to hold a vote session on the process. This would speed up the way to the Senate trial. The Republicans are controlling the Senate. 

The officials of the White House think there; President Trump can defend himself in a better way. 

White House Counsel

The White House clears the ways for the committees to talk about and approve the articles of impeachment very soon, maybe next week, along with a voting session by the end of 20th December. This is the 2019’s final legislative day. However, some report suggests that Mr Trump’s defense will be heard after January. That time the Senate will start a trial to listen to the facts presented by the House.

On the other hand, the Judiciary Committee of the White House informed it would hold the next hearing on Monday. It would let the lawyers and Intelligence Committee present the collected evidence. 

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