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Cooking is the main thing which we will attract towards and become a hobby during this quarantine. So, taking your cooking passion happiness to another level that Crazy Delicious is comeback with season 4 for a global audience. Those who haven’t know about the show. A Crazy Delicious is a British cooking competition television program starring Jayde Adams, Carla Hall, Heston Blumenthal, and Niklas Ekstedt.

Season 4 aired to the British audience in January 2020 and now the show is to be enjoyed by a global audience: Crazy Delicious comes to Netflix on Wednesday, June 24th.

About the Crazy Delicious Series:

This show is all about culinary competition, each one contestant has to pass out all the levels to be a part of the show and impress the judges to turning ordinary dishes into extraordinary dishes that could be served at a restaurant. Each one contestant brings their uniqueness or creativity level to create something magical and blow out the judges’ sense.

The judge will be analyzed each dish according to its flavor, presentation, ambiance, and uniqueness of the method. The judges award the best cook of their day with a golden Apple’ at the end of every episode.

Judge Panel of “Crazy Delicious”:

Jayde Adams – The presenter: She is a British comedian, celebrity, singer, and author from Bristol. She hosts Crazy Delicious.

Heston Blumenthal – He’s a British celebrity chef. He’s the owner of’ The Fat Duck at Bray’ among the five restaurants in Britain.

Niklas Ekstedt – Judge-He’s a Swedish chef and a hotel manager.

Carla Hall – Judge- She is an American chef, TV personality, and a previous version.

The competition caters to the top of their best. There’s something about watching people cook therapeutic, and this series proves it. If you would like to turn your gears that are cooking up in isolation, this is the show for you!

What do we expect from Crazy Delicious season 2?

The Crazy Delicious season 2 netflix series received good ratings and has a good fan base. However, people have enjoyed the new cooking series and many of them are hoping that there will be more episodes.

One viewer wrote, “Every Tuesday night I sit and watch #CrazyDelicious, and every Tuesday night I go to bed hungry. ?

Another viewer wrote, “Anyone watching #CrazyDelicious on Channel 4? I’ve just stumbled across it and it’s unbelievably wacky and wonderful!” one viewer wrote.

How to watch Crazy Delicious season 1?

The series has not released on Netflix yet. But the good news is that now the series has finally been aired on Netflix, the rest of the world can watch Crazy Delicious season 1 there and enjoy their day.

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For British viewers, you can watch series 1 of the cooking show on Channel 4 on demand. The six episodes are currently available online on the 4oD website.

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