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The last season of Dead to Me may be one of the most eagerly awaited Netflix originals. Okay, maybe not when Stranger Things exists, but fans have been anticipating the third season of the dark comedy for more than two years. Season 3 of Dead to Me will premiere this year.

Although the first two seasons of Dead to Me were published in May, the third and final season missed its May release window in both 2021 and 2022 owing to schedule and personal issues. Thankfully, filming has concluded, and the season will be available soon.

Unfortunately, Dead to Me season 3 will not be available on Netflix in June 2022 since it was not included in the list of new release movies and episodes for that month. We do, however, know when the final season will be released.
Dead to Me season 3 release date

Netflix confirmed in May 2022 that Dead to Me season 3 would be published in the fall of 2022. While the streamer does not provide a particular release date or even a month, we can expect ten new episodes to reach our watch lists this autumn.

In terms of when the last season will be released, Dead to Me season 3 will probably be released in either September or October 2022. Of course, “autumn” includes November, but we don’t think we’ll have to wait much longer than late September. Again, this is just a guess.

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