Airpods 3rd generation
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The new image of Airpods showcase all the features of the new upcoming Airpods 3rd generation that are going to be launched in the year 2021 by Apple. The image for the new Airpods was leaked by 52audio on a Twitter comment. The comments showcase all the features of the new Airpods 3 that the users expect to be there in new Airpods.

52 audio has shared the images on Twitter that showcase all the different parts of the 3rd generation Airpods, earlier 52 audio launched the image of the x-ray of Airpods and now 52 audio has launched the original image for the 3rd generation Airpods. According to t the leaked image AirPods 3 are expected to be in the shape of Airpods pro just like the short in size and has a short stem. And moreover, there will be small silicone ear tips in the new Airpods just like the pro version of Airpods. But the sources claim that the Airpods will lack the feature like the active noise cancellation.

Moreover, the tweet also stated that ‌there will be a feature of a pressure-relieving system in the new AirPods and the same technology was in the Airpods Pro. The system is meant for equalizing the pressure in new Airpods and so that the user will also be able to remove the discomfort from removing the AirPods‌ for a prolonged period of time. As of now based on the image of the case of the new Airpods it is expected that new Airpods will be less rectangular than the earlier AirPods.

Moreover, this time the charging LED of the Airpods will be in the front instead of the back. The sources expect that new Airpods will be claiming some of the touches features just like the other Airpods pro. Moreover, it is for the sure sort that the new Airpods will be having the touch surfaces for tapping a greater build-up than the older Airpods in which the user has to press the button on the surface.

The new AirPods are also expected to have the same 5 hrs of continuous playback playlists just like the Airpods 2nd generation. earlier some of the sites claimed that there will be a new battery back up for the new AirPods 3rd generation but as of now there is no battery back up and it is the same as the old Airpods 2nd generation.

Moreover, according to the sources it is expected that the New AirPods manufacturing will be started form march of 2021 and an event will take place at the end of march that will showcase the image of the New Airpods globally by Apple. However, the expected launch date of the new Airpods 3rd generation is not there and the price of the new AirPods is still unrevealed by the sources. However, all the information related to the New Airpods 3rd generation will be updated to the reader here only.

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