Rebelde is one of the most remarkable Spanish series available on Netflix. Rebelde season 2 has been eagerly anticipated by fans of the adolescent drama, and the new season is expected to arrive on Netflix shortly.

Unfortunately, fans will not be able to rock out to new Noname’s music as early as April because season 2 will not be available on the streaming service until April 2022.

We went over the whole list of movies and episodes that would be available on the streaming service in April 2022, and the teen series was absent.

But don’t be concerned. Season 2 of Rebelde is set to premiere on Netflix before 2022. All we need now is for the streamer to reveal the official release date. We believe a release date announcement will be made shortly based on the most recent post on the official Rebelde Instagram page.

Rebelde season 2 release date

The second season was supposed to be shot concurrently with the first season; thus the show is either still in post-production or waiting for Netflix to announce a release date. On April 7, the show’s official Instagram page shared a montage of behind-the-scenes photographs from the Rebelde season 2 set.

Is this a hint that Rebelde season 2 will be available on Netflix within the next month? Is it possible that another season will premiere in May? If the second season is released in May, Netflix will most likely reveal the date this month. However, a May release would close the gap between seasons 1 and 2. Netflix usually spreads out the seasons of its original series. If the second season is released in May, it will be four months after the first season debuted. Still, it’s possible!

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