Delta Dumps Fuel Without Informing Air Traffic Controllers
Image Credit: CNN

The latest report on California fuel dump informed that the Delta Air Lines pilots did not tell the air traffic controllers before dumping fuel. While making an emergency landing at Los Angeles airport, the pilots dropped fuel over Los Angeles and some elementary schoolyards. 

Following the incident, now dozens of people are treated for skin issues. However, there are no cases of serious injuries. 

The FAA- Federal Aviation Administration said dumping fuel at an ideal altitude would have let the fuel to properly disperses. The authority will generally direct flights to an appropriate place where they can dump the fuel. The agency further added that the FAA is now investigating the reasons behind the incidents. 

Delta has sent staff to assist the affected schools in cleaning contaminated surfaces. 

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About the Incident

A Boeing 777, Fight 89, was en route from Los Angeles to Shanghai when it returned as the flight developed a problem in its engine. While heading toward Loss Angeles International Airport, it dumped fuel to reach a safe weight for landing. Even though the flight landed safely, the incident affected dozens of people.

The FAA said, generally, flight releases fuel to arrive at a safe landing weight during the emergency landing. But this is carried out at a high altitude and in low populated areas. When the flight crews inform about this, the air traffic controllers direct them to an ideal dumping area to release the fuel. 

Recorded Radio Communication

As per the communications that happened over the radio, the air traffic controllers asked the flight drew whether they wanted to return to Loss Angeles International Airport immediately or continue over the ocean to burn fuel. 

The copilot or pilot replied they need to go ahead and bring it under control. Then the controller asked if you need to dump or hold fuel. In response, the crew said, “negative.” But the flight released fuel. 

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